Choose from my hourly MINI package for composed portraits and products, FLEXI for a much larger quantity of images suitable for lifestyle portraits and events, or my SMALL WEDDING package catering for more intimate and less extravagant wedding ceremonies.
MINI: £150
Classic portraits, products, food and interiors.
Private indoor shoot using controlled lighting setups. 

Composed and refined with studio-quality results. 

• Number of photos catered to your needs.
• £150 for first hour.
+ £25 per each additional hour.
FLEXI: £200
Lifestyle portraits, events, parties and activities.

Public shoot in dynamic, outdoor/environmental lighting.
Spontaneous and genuine, capturing unique moments. 

• Number of photos catered to your needs.
• £200 for first hour.
+ £50 per each additional hour.
BACHATA: £100 (including pass and accommodation)
Social dancing, private events and activities.
Public/private functions in low, dynamic party lighting.
Fast paced couples dancing with focus on connection. 

Special low price for personal participation.
• Number of photos catered to your needs.
• £100 to cover social dancing photography.
+ £50 to cover video of performances.
(Video editing not included. Files to be delivered.)
Budget-friendly ideal for smaller gatherings.

Compact wedding gathering of up to 60 guests. 

• Minimum of 30 edited photos per hour.
• £750 for first 2 hours.
+ £100 per each additional hour.

• £500 booking deposit (non refundable).
What you pay for...
As with any costly degree or qualification we've all invested in, there are several other valuable assets that clients benefit from when hiring a professional creative. These include the use of expensive pro-grade equipment, a unique eye, dedicated mind and years worth of experience!
• Free consultation for a fully customised service.
• Professional quality, expertise and advice.
• Professional grade editing and light retouching.
• Web gallery to view, share and download photos.
• JPGs downloaded are compressed for web use.

Optional extras like prints may be accommodated.

Contact me for any custom requests or queries.
My PERSONAL BRAND PHOTO is your perfect visual marketing package! It's for those who seek to maintain well curated content across their social media business accounts. We will collaborate and come up with multiple story ideas based around a theme for that season. After our customised shoots together, you'll have a wonderful bank of images to choose from that will cover your frequent daily posts for up to 3 months.
Small business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers.

3 months worth of content – daily posting and stories. 
​​​​​​​Controlled shoots with very specific requirements.

• Up to 5 different story concepts based on a theme.
• Various locations and image purposes.
• Minimum of 90 edited photos.
• Up to 3 outfit changes.
• Up to 6 hours session.
+ £50 per each additional hour.

• £300 booking deposit (non refundable).
Small business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers.

Full brand design package to establish your mark. 

• Bespoke, custom logo design and brand identity.
• Multipurpose graphics for both digital and print uses.
• Font considerations and colour pallet of brand.
• 250 printed business cards.
• Free consultation to provide a customised service.
• Professional expertise, knowledge and advice.
• Up to 5 days of work.
+ £150 per each additional day.
• £500 booking deposit (non refundable).
As an entrepreneur, it's not just about what you're selling. People don't really buy what you do, they buy why you do it. They are looking to connect with that brave and passionate person behind it all – you. So it's important to communicate effectively through visuals. Whether you need photography or branding design services, I'm here to increase value.
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