Portrait Photography

Capture unforgettable memories with beautiful photos. Choose from my customisable sessions for a spectrum of professional portraits. I’ll help you look amazing across all your social media profiles.

Price Packages
Portrait Portfolio
Professional Value
• Friendly approach to high quality, unique photos.
• Free consultation for a fully customised service.
• Professionally edited photos with colour grading.
• Free access to all quality-checked photos.
• Web gallery to view, share and download photos.
• JPGs are perfectly compressed for digital uses.
• Full quality JPGs for print available upon request.
• Video requirements to be agreed before booking.
• Creative extras like below may be accommodated.
• Contact me for any custom requests or queries.

My Process
1) BOOK PACKAGE most suitable for your needs.
• Free consultation to establish a customised shoot.
• Payment upfront with satisfaction guarantee.
2) PHOTO SHOOT at preferred location and time.
• I can help you prepare and direct you throughout.
• Meet and greet then I'll walk you through my vision.
3) FINAL PHOTOS are accessible within a few days.
• You'll receive a link to a web gallery of the shoot.
• All edits will be updated and synced in real time.
• View, share and download photos at your leisure!

Creative Services
RETOUCHING: £25 per hour
Further pro photo editing and image manipulation.
Delivering additional edits for customer satisfaction.
Achieving higher levels of perf
ection and creativity.

• Added in conjunction with a photo package.
• Creative vision must be discussed prior to photoshoot.

CUTOUT: £25 per subject
Clean background removal for multipurpose use.
Studio-like private shoot using blue screen and lights.
Extremely versatile, perfect for creative design work.

• Added in conjunction with a photo package.
• Must be booked prior to shoot to use chroma key.​​​​​​


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