Client Survey

Recurring Value

"Word of mouth marketing is the most valuable source of marketing."* Social media is quite possibly the primary, if not, the only platform businesses use for reaching their customers these days.

How likely would it be that people would use your media posts to share to all their friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc – tagging in your business handle along with personal notes of endorsement and expressions of appreciation? Give them something worth sharing and your followers will practically do your marketing for you!

In this regard, how important is professional photography to you? How valuable really, is share-worthy content to you and your followers?
In order to best understand the requirements of visual imagery for your commercial needs, please answer the following questions:
Thank you for submitting your answers. This will give me an idea of the frequency and budget of your needs for photography. I will be in touch soon and we can discuss exactly what I can do for you!
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